Prevent Cat Diabetes: Promote Exercise For Cats With Cat Toys

Diabetes is a terrible disease that can strike both humans and felines. A certain percentage of cats can suffer from this, and diabetes can occur when insufficient insulin is produced by the beta cells in the pancreas. Insulin is generated by the pancreas, and it is the job of the pancreas to introduce it into the bloodstream. As it interacts with cell membranes, glucose (for energy) is allowed to go into the cells. When insulin is lacking or insufficient, it will not be possible for the body to make use of glucose, and this can cause high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia. When the blood sugar is high, the kidney tries its best to get rid of additional glucose, and this is what leads diabetics to run to the restroom to urinate frequently, as well as drink a lot. Eventually, this disease can affect a cat by decreasing a cat’s appetite by a great deal. Check out what Cornell Universities College of Veterinary Medicine has to say about it here.

It is good to know that a lot of cat furniture are created for the purpose of helping a cat get some exercise, lose weight, and also have fun in the process. Cat stimulation of the physical and mental variety is beneficial for keeping feline health issues at bay, especially Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Any cat furniture that will allow your cat to stretch out his muscles and walk or run for a few minutes should be good for your cat’s physical health. Below are some examples.

Cat Exercise Wheel

This structure works about the same way as a hamster wheel – it just happens to be bigger. Some cat exercise wheels are big enough to accommodate several cats simultaneously, while some are only big enough for 1 cat. Created using metal, cat exercise wheels measure around 36 to 48 inches in terms of diameter, and the left or right side is open, allowing cats easy access. In a sense, this wheel is like a cat treadmill, and promotes exercise for cats, and your cat is sure to get some exercise whenever he cat decides to play using the equipment. This is especially ideal for your cat if your cat is obese, or has just been diagnosed with feline diabetes. Likewise, you will be sure to promote a healthy lifestyle for your cat by buying your cat his own exercise wheel.

Toy Mouse

Another toy perfect for cat stimulation is a toy mouse. Cats like to play around with mice by throwing them around and chasing them, as well as pouncing on the small toy. This will allow your cat to keep himself entertained and getting some exercise without even realizing it.

Feather Dangler

A feather dangler will also allow your cat to stretch out his arm muscles as he tries to catch the light feather between his paws. Cats tend to think of birds when they see feathers, and so you will also be satisfying your cat’s natural instinct, with a feather dangler.

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