Business Facilities Magazine Online

Business Facilities is a publication that contains in-depth business reports, analyses, and commentary on issues impacting the corporate expansion field, including finance; real estate; legislative and regulatory matters; national and international economies; worldwide business; trade; economic development; and facility design, construction and management.

It’s no longer available here, but if you go looking for it, I’m sure you’ll find it, or perhaps one of its successors.

For a number of years, Business Facilities has recognized those communities, corporations, and individuals who are the driving forces behind our country’s economic growth. Judged on their innovation, effectiveness, and pro-business impact, these winning programs create a business climate that will fuel their communities’ growth for years to come.

In today’s world, what is an office? For some people it’s their bedroom at home, for others it’s a top-floor corner office with views of the entire city.

Down-town markets can strengthen. If you pay for your accommodation on the basis of a pricing structure agreed at the start of the agreement, what’s the real cost of that lease over the course of its entire lifetime?

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