Need Some Help Choosing An E Cigarette?

Although the e cigarette has only been on the market for a few years, and hasn’t been widely advertised in the mainstream media, it’s a product which most smokers have now heard of. It’s unsurprising that many tobacco users are excited about the possibility of finding a cigarette replacement which would allow them to continue using nicotine without many of the detrimental effects, but a number of us are put off making a purchase because we are confused about which of the many brands is the best. Thankfully there are now numerous e cigarette reviews posted on the Internet where we can learn from the experience of others the products worth buying, and those which are a waste of our hard earned cash.

There is a problem with relying on just any old review which you might find when searching Google, and that’s the fact that many of the so called “reviewers” are biased in the scores they give to a particular brand. Why is this? It’s quite simple, and it’s a problem which has gone largely unnoticed for years even in the more traditional forms of media. The fact is that many reviewers are given free e cigarette samples from manufacturers in the hope of getting a positive review. Human nature being what it is, it’s then inevitable that the reviewer is going to feel obliged to say more positive than negative things about a particular brand, no matter how they might feel about it in reality.

There is no easy answer to overcoming this problem if you are completely new to electronic cigarettes and need to get someone else’s opinion about the brands which are more satisfying to use. I can however give you a few tips to make it more likely that you will make the best purchase possible when you hand over your credit card details to a company on the Internet.

  1. Try to find an electronic cigarette review site where the writer states clearly and honestly there relationship with the company who’s product they are reviewing.
  2. Get your information from web sites which have a quality feel to them. Some one who has put a lot of effort into building their blog is more likely to take pride in the information they are providing.
  3. Look for web sites where the blogger has posted an image of themselves and attach’s their real name to the information they provide. Sites with a nameless, faceless reviewer are far more likely to be pushing products with an ulterior motive.
  4. Only use review sites who have tested out a wide range of products. Especially be wary of those which say there is only one particular brand worth buying.
  5. Use your common sense. If a particular review site is signing the praises of a manufacturer just a little bit too much then they are probably doing so because they got a kick back from the company to push that product.

If you stick to these rules when deciding which smokeless cigarette to buy as a tobacco replacement then you can’t do far wrong, and you’ll hopefully find that your purchase is a good one.

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